Call Out

At the last meeting members had a question/comment about responding to a search and having directions to the search.  It was noted that we knew what street to go to and that was adequate information.  I, for one, did not recall that we had not sent the information out on callemall after we received it, which was a short time after the initial search call-out.

If you call 538-1292 (which is the number for the back office at the SAR building) it will ring through to Bonnie and Barb.  This number is programmed to be the caller ID number on the callemall calls, so if you return the callemall call you should get Bonnie or Barb.  You should only call 538-1292 if you are responding to the search later on and need updated information.  Bonnie and Barb only know what is in the callemall calls at first, but we will update them if the situation changes.  Please do not call them for additional information at the time the search is called – just respond to the building.

Of course, standard operating procedure is that all available members respond to the building so that we have an accurate idea of number of searchers we have, so that people can assist with the preperation to respond, people can be assigned tasks, and we can arrive on the search site as a group.  This assists in having a coordinated response and will minimize the time to get in the woods.  This also removes the problem of people not knowing where to go.  If able to respond, report to the building.

Likewise, members should return to the buillding after the search to sign out and help remove equipment from the vehicles and have everything ready to go again,rather than a couple of exhausted drivers having to do all of that, or the equipment not being ready to go when we get called out the next day.

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