ICS-100 and ICS-200 training

The recently implemented Emergency Management Office NS – Standards and Operational Guide for Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue sets standards for training for all Search and Rescue team members in Nova Scotia.  The rationale for doing this is to ensure a certain minimum standard of training for GSAR teams, and consistency across the province.  

I recently emailed the Standards to everyone on my email list – please have a look at section 5.0 on training for more information on the basic minimum standard for training for the various roles.  If you did not have a chance to see them yet, see the Standards here: GSAR Standards Revision 15

All team members are going to have to have the ICS-100 course. This is available for free online and requires an open-book test to be certified.  This is the link to the materials and test. The test is 25 questions, and as I said, is open book.  All members are requested to review this material ASAP and forward their certificate to myself, Stephen Cue or Alex Mason to be put on the SMART system.  If you do not have access to a computer with a printer to do the test and print the certificate you could do so in the office when the team is training at the building or during a meeting, or contact me and we will make arrangements to assist you.  We are working on plans to do a training session on the ICS-100 course to help get the team up-to-speed (for those members who aren’t able to do it at home).

Team Leaders and Search Managers are going to have to have the ICS-200 course which will soon be offered, and must have the ICS-100 course as a pre-requisite for this, so it is very important that they complete the ICS-100 prior to that.

In order to ensure that you will still be able to participate in search activities and maintain your active status with the team, please make every effort to complete this training at your nearest convenience.

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